The Journey Begins!

Saturday morning, 7/18/15 Updated by team member, Debbie Wyne

The journey begins! The first leg of our flight is from SFO to LAX, and then we walk to the international terminal, get boarding passes and go through security again. Once we board the flight, we land in Dublin, Ireland and have a couple of hours where we stay on the plane and get to see Ireland, and even smell the air through the airplane door, but we don’t get to set foot in the country. After refueling, cleaning and stocking the plane with supplies and boarding additional passengers, we leave Dublin and continue our journey to Addis.

Twenty-nine and a half hours after the team has initially gathered together, we arrive in Addis and in no time we pass through customs and obtain our Visas. We see that all of our luggage has arrived, and soon we are joined by Pastor Matthew. Pastor Matthew is with Hope Enterprises and will be with us throughout the week. I’m truly looking forward to getting to know him because I can already sense that he is a strong man of God. A few minutes later and we are on the bus on our way to freshen up at The Amenities hotel. We are tired, but excited to be here! Welcome to Africa!

The team at the International terminal at LAX.  Here we go!

The team at the International terminal at LAX. Here we go!


Arriving in Addis Ababa, just in time for the sun rise!