Walking in God’s promises

(Written by team member, Debbie Wyne)

Day 4 Sintaro update, Feb 3, 2015
     Once the wifi came up last night I sent out updates and texted with family to assure them that I’m alive.  I stay awake for several hours and I’m pleased the find that my strength is returning.  After awhile, I return to bed and hope to find solid sleep.  I awoke around 5am and read through so many notes and comments of love, support and prayers.  It is such a HUGE blessing to know that I am not here alone.  Every one of you who reads these updates and joins me in prayer is walking this journey in spirit with me.  I’m overwhelmed with the love and support coming from so many.
     I wanted to share a quick story with all of you:  Several weeks ago, our church concluded a series which encouraged us to identify and live into the gifts that God has given us.  At the end of the series the question was posed, “what will you do now?”.  We discussed this question in our small group and several members of our group had very specific things that they wanted to step into.  My response was a little more broad.  I didn’t feel that I was being called to a particular new “thing” or a task, but instead, to a heart change.  The message I continue to hear is to trust the Lord completely, to live out my faith boldly and to “fear not”.  In fact, at home I wear a ring on my right thumb that says, “do not fear”.  I am learning that when I fully submit, that’s when the Lord can more fully display His power.  When I am weak, He is strong. Great (not just good) things happen when I allow Jesus control!
     Today, I choose to walk in the promises of God and not live in fear.  I’ll admit that the last day and a half has been no fun at all.  But I’m so beyond thankful for the ways that I have been provided for.  I can’t help but compare my situation with those around me in this country.  Today, I claim the Jesus’ promises to me.  He will never leave nor forsake me.  He will provide.  He brings comfort.  He sustains.  He is my strength.  He goes before me.  He prepares the way. He is my living water.  He is healer.  The Lord will fight for me.  He is my strong tower, my mighty fortress.  He has overcome.  …and so many more.  As I begin this new day, I have no fear.  He allowed me to face my fear (of getting sick here) and overcome it.  Literally, He even brought the monkey to my door! Haha!
     Now it’s time for me to shower and prepare for the day ahead.  I pray for each one of you today that you also choose to live your life purposely, boldly and without fear!  Great things are ahead!
     I will write more later.  My love to you all.